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Publishing Program

I'm happy to be apart of the first cohort of the Toward Equity in Publishing program offered by the journal of American Art. I grateful to be selected and look forward to learning opportunities offered by the Research and Scholars Centre of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Dedalus Foundation.

The Smithsonian American Art Museum has established a new professional development program to foster excellence and diversity in the field of American art scholarship. “Toward Equity in Publishing” is a two-year pilot program that will provide critical support to early-career art historians. Through editorial mentorship and workshops, the program will demystify scholarly publication processes and help scholars revise manuscripts for submission and publication.

The museum is well positioned to offer this guidance through its critically acclaimed, peer-reviewed journal for new scholarship, American Art. The journal is known for publishing original research written in clear prose, and it has a reputation for providing authors with the most extensive peer-review and editorial support in journal publishing.

“With this program, the journal aims to remediate the inequitable conditions that precede publication,” said Robin Veder, executive editor of American Art. “When academic institutions provide their students, faculty and staff with research and publishing grants, paid leave and structured writing support, the recipients often achieve increased publication acceptance rates, which improves overall career success. Such perquisites are not afforded to all scholars. American Art seeks to bridge this gap by supporting those who have not had the same institutional support or have experienced obstacles to academic publishing and career success.”

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